[12-21] Erectile dysfunction , premature ejaculation can be solved

Sexual dysfunction can be a serious problem for any man. Perhaps your husband is

avoiding having sex with you because he is having some sort of problem that he

cannot share. In this case, husbands would try to solve his problem by himself. He

would not hurt his wife and would desperately conceal it.

I was surprised when I gave assignment to couples with these kind of troubles that

these symptoms just disappear just like that in most cases within in one month.

This is because over 90% of the cases are psychogenic, that is a psychology problem.

In some way, the biggest cause lies within the wife rather than within the husband.

This is not well acknowledged. However, this must be understood well. Visiting our office will solve this kind of issue within a short period of time in a rather speedy manner.

Don’t wait until after your husband or your wife sleeps with someone else. You might think that your wife does not notice of it? Well, she knows it well. Letting your wife know will hurt your pride? Well we can help you immediately. We are able to make you happy as happy it can get. So come visit us! Any psychogenic sexual dysfunctions can be solved out!

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[12-20] Is your husband abnormal sexuality?

Quite a large number of husbands ask their wives to go a bit extreme in having sex.

It is worthwhile to think about the term ‘pervert’

Sexual perversion is sexual behaviors that is considered to be new and not known

to other couples. However, such judgements are only personal. For a wife, such a

behavior is not acceptable. Also pervert sexual behaviors should not be judged to

be good or bad.

Is perversion really bad for couple relationship?

A wife should know that the husband really needed courage to ask such a thing. He

would never (under normal circumstances) demand that. He has demanded thinking

that it would be acceptable to his wife.

Thus, rejection without mutual understanding might block any further diversified

sexual activities in the further and would only bring boredom.

First of all, one need to stop and think why he is asking such a thing. Judgements

can be made afterwards.

Normally, perversion comes when a couple seek changes in their sexual

intercourse. In this sense, perversion can be one of the means to enjoy having sex.

In some way, the happiest couple might be those who enjoy ‘different’ sexual

behaviors together.

Of course, I mean the activities involving couple only and not including the others

such as threesome or swapping. Such acts are something that goes beyond

perversion and requires serious treatment.

If you are seeking changes in couple sex, you need an advisor. I dare say that there

is not perversion in a strict couple relation. It is only deplorable that some goes

beyond barrier and face grave difficulties and pains and even lead to personal


Changes in couple sex can be enjoyable. You would never know when you have

not tried it.

If your husband is demanding something that is difficult for you to accept, or if you

want to ask your wife to have changes in your couple sex, do send us an e-mail

ASAP and for free.

Everyone deserve to be happy and be satisfied.
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[12-19] Is your spouse asking too much sex?

It can be irritating when your spouse asks too much sex.

Enjoyable sex, yes but if is too much and if it exceeds a certain level, sex can be

noting but pain. What is important is to define the level of excessive which totally

depends on each couple.

If only one of the party is satisfied it means that there has been lack of mutual

understanding. This is one of the reasons that a couple goes sexless.

However, the solution is just simple.

If you are demanding sex, why don’t you let your partner be satisfied with

intercourse before you demand anything. How enjoyable that would be as both the

couple would be happy together.

If your partner is asking much sexual activities, all it takes is to find a way to enjoy it

yourself? If you are satisfied in having sex and if your partner is demanding it, would

your life be happier or miserable?

Finding a way to be happy together is the only and the simple way to couple


The reason why I always consider sex as important is not groundless.

Any one can enjoy having sex with his/her partner (regardless of age, size or


So, now stop blaming others for demanding or not demanding sex. Open your eyes

wide open and see what the problems are.

If you cannot find the problem or the cases thereof, do sen us a free e-mail service

as a start.

Everyone deserve to be happy and be satisfied.
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[12-18] Are you not confident having sex?

[12-18] Are you not confident having sex?

Quite a lot of couple have sex as act of duty all because they are have no confidence. From my long years of counselling, I have found that confidence issue consists the primary reason of couple problems. I have always felt sorry that such issue left untreated resolves into a larger couple problems.

Why no confidence in having sex with your spouse?

Reasons for husbands
– size issues
– duration issue, impotency
– thought that the wife would not be satisfied
– other psychological reason

Reasons for wives
– body figure (breasts, size etc)
– feel numb while the husband seems to try hard
– Other psychological reason

In short, the confidence issues are psychological issues.

One of the reasons for the spousal affair can be lack of self-confidence in having sex. How long do you think your spouse will care for you? May be you have tried all right. It might be just the same for your spouse as well. Another question here is what have you done to make your spouse be confident?

The truth is that there has been no right efforts made. This is why sex becomes boring and not interesting as marriage goes on.

If you want to have confidence, and if you want your spouse to have confidence and to be a happy couple, you should apply for free inquires as a start.

So, do send us your e-mail and it is free.. All it takes is a little courage and willingness.

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[12-17] Are you not happy having sex with your spouse?

Yes, may be you have been married too long.

True, boring sex with your spouse can happen and one might even avoid having

sex with his/her spouse. However, there is nothing that is without reason. It’s just

that people do not recognize this.

A husband says that he is tired and that he had so much to do at work. The sex

becomes something of ritual and something of a duty. It becomes something to do

and something that has to be done.

One of the couple can be eager to have intercourse while the other does not. This

also means that this relationship is not working. The former will not be satisfied

because of the other but perhaps may be this person is selfish and is only seeking

his/her own pleasure only.

This is how couple become sexless. Not having sex is a good thing for both the

wife and the husband as they give no conflict and provides comfort and easiness.

If, one of the sexless couple has an affair the other rages and becomes furious.

Well, wasn’t that person allowed to resolve his/her sexual desire which was not

fulfilled? Ironic? It is unforgivable?

Yes, something must have done before. It’s like locking the stable door after the

horse is lost. Everyone deserves happy marriage and life.

True, you have made efforts and tried all you can.

When I ask my clients what kind of efforts they have made, they all turn red. Why is

that so? They had tried to have sex but that was all.

Now, take a little time and think what is best for your husband/wife.

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[5-26]Rage and trauma Solution for cheated husbands

!! Wife’s affair !!

Rages towards cheating wife and the adulterer expands and gets larger and larger. The cheated husband tries every efforts in order to release his pains but in vain. The excruciating pains lead to divorce as the suffering does not stop.

From affair counselling and psychology training program, the cheated husband’s trauma can be treated. The husband can come alone or together with his wife.

!!! Treating the cheated husband !!!

From a long period of affair and infidelity problem solution, BonNeung Psychology Theory was developed, which was applied in our sessions. The results were shocking as they showed over 90% success rate in treating rage and trauma treatment.

The reactions of our clients were nothing but surprise and amazement. After the treatment, some of the clients said that their changes were interesting. They said now they are relieved and they find meanings of their lives. In fact, this is a solution that is too good to be true and only those who has gone throught he process understands its mystery.

Rages and trauma from a wife’s affair is such a pain and the wife watching her husband in pain also goes through hurts as well.

They try to find solutions to their problems but in vain while the pains and sufferings last. If you are in such pains, we are offering a solution that can actually work.

Cheated husband has to be treated with his trauma and rage. If you are cheated and if your wife is cheating on you, you should immediately write us. You shold have your rage and trauma treated at any moment.

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[5-25] Rage and trauma treatment for cheated wives

!! Husband’s affair !!

When a husband’s affair is revealed, the wife extends her rage and suffers excruciating pain as she blames her husband. The cheating husband also goes under hardships as he does not know what to do.

Would you believe that such couples can be treated with Affair Counselling and psychology treatment programs that we offer?

You can be alone or together with your spouse. The rage of the cheated and the pains of being cheated can be treated.

!!! Hurts and rage of the cheated!!!

Happy Research offers solution to affair and infidelity programs which has been developed from clinical experiences over sixteen years now. The current success rate shows stunning 90% for “rage and trauma treatments” and this treatment is based on BonNeung Psychology Theory that Happy Research have developed.

The reactions from our clients were surprises and wonder as they find the changes in their psychology interesting and amazing. With the treatment done, some clients even find the program mysterious. It is a privilege to experience our “Rage and Trauma Treatment”

The cheated who suffer from pains and rage, the cheating who want to ease their spouse’s pains and hardships should come to Happy Research and experience our solution. This solution would provide hopes for the couples and would release them from psychological pains and hardships.

Regardless of whether the husband is still cheating or has stopped cheating, the rage and pains of the cheated wives has to be solved.

For details do send us an e-mail below. Do not live in the rage, pains and sufferings from affair problem any more. Time does not solve these.

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[12-16] Troubled By One’s Own or Partner’s Sex Preferences

I sometimes come across clients whose story seem to be something of unexpected. However, they all say that they are sincerely troubled and suffering.
These clients show specific preferences when having sex with partner.

They are those with
– Sadist and Masochist
– Prop preference
– Homosexuals
– and others

In most of the cases it is likely that these tendencies were developed before the marriage and that the person clearly knows his/her own unusual prefernece.

The trouble is that this person does not feel satisfied from the sexual relationship with the spouse. Eventually a couple problem happens.

However, it is not easy to open one’s such tendencies and sometimes he/she would try to solve the problem by him/herself without other’s knowing. Sometimes he/she try to overcome alone without help. Unfortunately, this is not a matter that can be solved without help from the third person. The guiltiness builds up and he/she would feel sorry for the spouse.

Are you really sure that your husband or your wife would NEVER be with unusual tendencies?

When this is opened during our sessions, the first thing the spouse shows is shock and surprise. However, as sessions go on the couple understand each other and they find a way to happily cope with the situation. They would try to change the tendency or even find a way to enjoy the tendency together somehow.

What is more important though is the fact that the couples come to session only when it is too much developed. Sometimes couple divorce without understanding the exact reason of their separation. I cannot but say that it is only deplorable.

Are you troubled because of your spouse show unusual sexual tendencies?
Are your troubled because of your own unusual sexual tendencies?

Do not be troubled. The problem can be solved and you can lead a truly happy life.

Such tendencies can be stopped or even be enjoyed by the couple. All it takes is to sit for a session. What matters most is that the couple should be happy together.

Do you really want to hurt your spouse?
Do you really want to be hurt?

Make a decision now.. before it is too late..
You deserve a happier life.

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[5-24] Sessions for Rages from Spousal Affair

Happy Research provides sessions for the treatment of rages from spousal affair and infidelity. The program is designed for the cheated to be free from rages and enable them to lead a better and a truly happier life.

We are also very proud to say that this program has shown over 90% success rate over the last sixteen and a near perfection success rate for the cases of the last six months.

Rages from affair and infidelity is equal to “Post Traumatic Syndrome” and involves all the hurts and unsolved traumas of one’s life time (from childhood, before and after marriage and affair and infidelity hurts). Even though instant rage is subdued and managed, hurts from affair and infidelity is such and does not perish that it makes one’s marriage hard and even impossible to continue.

In addition rage brings lost of faith, continued doubt, anxiety, disputes, cut of communication, helplessness, depression, selfless, verbal and physical violence, child abuse, psychology abnormalities and mental disorder.

[When a husband’s affair]
The wife faces
– rage by imagining her husband has left her and loves the adultress
– rage linking every move that her husband makes with his affair
– rage thinking that her husband cannot be trusted and feelings she is betrayed
– strong denial from her husband because her reactions activate as stress to him
– continuous dispute as to the truth of the fact

[When a wife’s affair]
The husband faces
– pains from the imagination that his wife had sex with the adulterer
– feels defeated and lost by thinking that he had his wife stolen
– his wife in pain and hurts from his suspicion
– his wife thinking that it is impossible to maintain marriage

A couple can be together because they share future hopes and happiness based upon couples trust even though there might be difficulties in the family. They are linked and dependant upon each other physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Untreated affair and infidelity is nothing but an unhappy marriage. It needs an immediate help. However, it is only deplorable that the conventional treatment methods have their limits in terms of successfulness and effectiveness.

If you are suffering from spousal affair, send us an e-mail from anywhere in the world. We are ready to assist and serve.

Happy Research Co., Ltd.
Dong Won Benest 908, 522-1 Han Nam Dong, Yong San Gu, Seoul. Republic of Korea
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